Andy Holtin & Samantha Sethi 

Opening reception: Friday, January 24 I 19-21 h 

Works by Andy Holtin and Samantha Sethi
LIGHT+WEIGHT is a rumination on the lives of materials, prompted by the artists’ attempt to understand and reconcile the disparate frames of time in which objects and our experiences with them exist. The convenience-driven plastics that pass through our lives – though some facilitate levels of technology, sanitation, and hygiene that radically improve our lives – might be touched only once, but may persist in the world for hundreds of years. Similarly, the use of concrete, which enables the sheer scale of our civilizations through its strength and malleability, is slowly shrinking the coastlines of the continents on which we build. Both materials exist in unparalleled possibility and longevity, though our perceptions of them differ wildly. This work seeks to understand these objects and materials by transforming them, by seeing them in new terms—perhaps in the way the rest of the natural world sees them, rather than how we do.
Holtin and Sethi work collaboratively as well as independently, in each case creating art works as an exploration of ways in which the world we see and move through can be modeled both visually and experientially. These works find their source in the artists’ view of our world as a landscape both inhabited by and studied by humankind, altered even as it is observed – understanding the world as both the location and the material of our pursuit of meaning.